Dalton Camp

Oct 31, 2001

Fraser Freedom Fighters are a Tad Upset

Accusing the CBC of bias, the Fraser Institute complained that the CBC "is a government-owned, government supported organization ... and we cannot have government-supported bias." The charge is, of c
Oct 24, 2001

History Confirms War a Futile Business

War is an exercise in excess. We emerge from battle choking on the blood of innocents. Self-deception is always helpful to those of delicate sensibility. Hence, we do try to limit collateral damage a
Oct 17, 2001

War No Reason to Ration Civil Rights

We are already being misinformed and kept in the shadows. This is because we're being encouraged to shop, travel and wave flags, while those we have entrusted to mind the store are hell-bent on disco
Oct 14, 2001

Free Speech Has Become War Casualty

A private television station or network can endure just about anything in the course of giving public offence - foul language, mindless violence, soft porn and the ministries of pandering preachers,
Oct 10, 2001

We've Made The World More Dangerous

Now that we are at war, I hope we find a positive helpful role. I would rather our forces in this war fed people than shot people. Indeed, there will likely be hundreds of thousands of women and chil
Oct 7, 2001

U.S. On Edge in this War of Nerves

This "war unlike any other" is truly novel. The greatest difference is the absence of a recognizable enemy without any national identity or familiar weaponry. And while the President of the Unites St
Oct 3, 2001

We Like Americans But Not Their Politics

Obviously, times change and are never precisely the same. The past, however, has been a learning experience in our Canadian struggle to build our own society, one that reflects our values, as we crea


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