Dalton Camp

Sep 30, 2001

Glad to See Chrétien's Reluctance

This is not a war of nations, but a search and seizure mission against a gang of criminals. The first defence against these people is security. We can more easily make the world safer than we can kil
Sep 26, 2001

Canada Need Not be Lockstep with U.S.

It is a revelation, to say the least, to find so many Canadian journalists who seem to feel Canadians are subsumed in America's interests and that our role and choices in such matters as those now be
Sep 19, 2001

Leadership Sadly Lacking at Critical Time

New Democratic Party Leader Alexa McDonough's unique contribution was to speak for Canada and give lonely representation to the universal need to contain the resolution of this grievous episode to so
Sep 16, 2001

Let's Not March Until We See Who the Enemy Is

It is folly to speak of going to war, or being at war, or to suggest that by force of arms and embargoes or cajolery and bullying, we can put down terrorism as an earlier generation put down fascism.
Sep 12, 2001

We are All the Victims of this Horror

The irony, cruel though it is, seems to be that the wicked were mightily assisted by technology while the most highly sophisticated and powerful nation in the world's history was incapable of defendi
Sep 5, 2001

Never Follow the Advice of a CEO

Our advisers are again calling upon the finance minister in his saving role - not to save us, but them. Can we not in Heaven's good name be spared more of the same that has led us to our present redu
Sep 2, 2001

Those Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer with CNN

Bayer Aspirin had a pill out that stopped people from getting fat in their arteries but it also killed a few people. I don't know if that was in an ad or in the CNN medical news or maybe somewhere el
Aug 29, 2001

Black's Presence Will Not be Missed

It is one of life's deeper ironies: As The National Post continually nagged Canadians about living beyond their means, the owner-overseer of that opinion was himself laying out more than he was takin


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