Dalton Camp

Aug 22, 2001

What is Going On with CBC News?

Perhaps one should not trust anyone with a television licence. That would include - I regret to admit - the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. The CBC should never be so hard up as to be used as a sh
Aug 19, 2001

Manning's Plan for United Right Won't Work

Preston Manning's "blueprint" to unite the right exposes the essentially fictive nature of the ad hoc assembly of designated Tories and members of the Alliance Dozen Dissenters at Mont-Tremblant. For
Aug 15, 2001

It's Time for Payback: Tax those U.S. Movies

It has long been my view that the soft underbelly of the American superpower is not its stealth technology or its missile inventory, but the movies. The nexus of American hegemony is Hollywood.
Aug 5, 2001

Spare Us the United Right

God only knows where the Tories are on the tangle of issues relating to globalization and its counterconcern, continentalism. A designated group representing the full caucus is meeting this week over
Jul 29, 2001

It's Amazing What Passes for News These Days

Non-news has become a feature of modern journalism. Most of it is found in the newspapers that apparently have room for non-news or for opinion disguised as news or for news that would go unwritten u
Jul 25, 2001

We Need a Little Distance from the U.S.

Seeing the great neighbour standing alone is a novel vision in a world of growing collegiality and where communication is both pervasive and instant. Growing alone and apart, America seems to be incr
Jul 22, 2001

And Now, it's Time to Get Back to Business

The poor young thing that became the Alliance wasted much of its breath in an attempt to encourage Canadians to abandon their entrenched, ingrained Liberalism. The results of its exertions are clearl


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