Dalton Camp

Jul 15, 2001

Day Drama a Reminder of World of Diefenbaker

Like Stockwell Day, "The Chief" was born with a conspiracy detector planted behind his ears. He heard the voices of his detractors - elitists, most of them, enemies of the people. In the employ of Li
Jul 11, 2001

Clark Was On the Money About Day

Canada's national newspapers may never forgive Tory leader Joe Clark for being right. From the beginning, he dismissed the threat of Canadian Alliance Party and its ill-fated leader, Stockwell Day.
Jul 1, 2001

Growing Unease in the Nation

The idea of belonging to a country is under attack. One of our national newspapers serially produces dire comparisons showing the joys of living in a prospering United States as against our own sadly
Jun 27, 2001

We Can Learn a Thing or Two from the U.S.

Observers of the great political drama to the south may see a growing opposition to President George W. Bush's brand of arch-conservatism. His approval ratings are low and on hold; the nation doubts
Jun 25, 2001

Nobody is Listening to the People

It is only through trial and error that we can discover the underlying wisdom of the Canadian government in becoming a booster of genetic modification. Perhaps the government thinks it has something
Jun 20, 2001

You Can't Fool the People on Capitalism

On Saturday <i>Toronto Star</i> columnist Thomas Walkom wrote what the <i>National Post</i> called "a 2,400-word expression of sympathy ... for violent protest from the left."To agree with Walkom - a
Jun 13, 2001

Bush Homily Leaves One Speechless

U.S. President George Bush delivered a presidential homily following Monday's execution of mass-murderer Timothy McVeigh. The publicity attending the execution will give McVeigh status as a hero. It


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