Michele Landsberg

Sep 15, 2003

Where's the justice?

The story of Anne Marie Aikins, which began with a brutal rape, is almost mythic in its startling achievements, reversals, glories and depths. A pioneer in the rape crisis movement in Ontario, she is
Jul 28, 2003

Gay marriage critic argues in circles

I've tried and tried to think how it is possible for the existence of same-sex marriage to harm, insult or take away anything from heterosexual marriage. I undertook this mental exercise to better un
Jun 30, 2003

Acceptance Built Through Many Battles

Today, the culmination of Gay Pride Week, a soft-spoken suburban schoolteacher and mother wants to honour her lawyer, Susan Ursel, for seeing her through a tough little struggle against prejudice. Ur
Jun 16, 2003

Farewell to a Political Kung Fu Fighter

Rosemary Brown was the first black woman elected to any Canadian legislature, served her Vancouver riding for fourteen years, and spent her life in a vibrant, untiring struggle for social justice. Th
Jun 9, 2003

Justice Failed in Roma Hate Case

Ontario’s highest court, the Court of Appeal, has just upheld the acquittal of an unsavoury pack of thugs who, in 1997, staged a neo-Nazi demonstration against a group of newly arrived Roma refu


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