Michele Landsberg

May 26, 2003

Ontario Needs a Raise

It’s a Canadian mantra: “Get a job!” It’s almost like a religious vow: “I’d rather scrub floors than go on welfare!” Big surprise, people. In our current economic s
May 19, 2003

Barbs Aside, 9/11 Questions Remain

I fully expected to be labelled a “conspiracy theorist” after interviewing Vision TV’s Barrie Zwicker and writing about his challenges to the official version of what happened at the W
May 12, 2003

E-Petition Could Harm, Not Help

Last week’s e-mail petition to “save” Amina Lawal, a Nigerian woman sentenced to death by stoning, may do more harm than good. Contemptuous e-mails from Western sources merely inflame
May 5, 2003

P3 Hospitals Could Spell Disaster

This year, the Ontario government is pushing ahead stubbornly with its Brampton and Ottawa “P3” arrangements — the friendly little nickname for “public-private partnerships.’
Apr 6, 2003

Warts and All

The UN is more relevant than ever. A huge, lumpy, shapeless beast, rather like five elephants hidden under a canvas, it’s far too vast, mysterious and shifting to grasp at a glance. Most people,


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