Michele Landsberg

Jan 12, 2003

Supreme Court Ruling Ties Knot Tighter

The wedding planners, dove fanciers, coach-makers and couturiers must be falling on their knees to hymn their praise of Canada’s Supreme Court. Just as last year drew to a close, the Supremes (w
Jan 5, 2003

Women Going With the Flow

Well, flap my antimacassar and knock me over with a crocheted doily. Everything old is new again, and all the womanly ways that we feminists supposedly scorned in our youth are hot, hot, hot again. T
Dec 2, 2002

Vital Health Centre Sentenced to Death

As though Toronto’s health services had not suffered enough blows, backstabs and grievous losses, we’re poised to lose yet another cherished medical centre  and this one an historic gem at
Nov 11, 2002

Feminist Rebels Opened Doors

Women's liberation is one of the ground-shaking triumphs of the last hundred years. And today, for you and me, asserting our right to be free from assault, harassment and discrimination, is the victo
Nov 3, 2002

UNICEF Dancing With Fast-Food Devil

Last summer, McDonald’s and UNICEF announced a Happy Deal “partnership” in which Mickey D would distribute twenty million Trick or Treat boxes through its U.S. outlets. It’s clear


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