Michele Landsberg

Oct 13, 2002

Controversial As A Button

The button, they thought, symbolized the peace aspirations of both Israeli and Palestinian feminists. Under the words "End the occupation now!" waves a Palestinian flag, centred by the international
Oct 12, 2002

Nourishing Body and Soul

It's delivery day for the Good Food at Home box from FoodShare, one of Toronto's most loved non-profits, reaching 15,000 people a year with its wholesome life-saving food package, a green tub of deli
Oct 6, 2002

Lifting the Veil

Women's enslavement may be the most savage and blatant in those countries where feudalism merges with totalitarian politics, but no country or culture is free of some taint of contempt for women's hu
Oct 5, 2002

Our Herstory

Yay! October is Women's History Month. Think back, when did you experience that famous feminist click of understanding? Dig in to your memory -- there might be $200 bucks in it, and a niche in cybers


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