Michele Landsberg

Apr 14, 2002

Hospital Chair an Enemy of Medicare

When I read the full text of the Tony Fell (the wealthy banker who wants Ontario to follow Alberta's "lead" in privatizing its health-care services) speech to the Canadian Club last week, I noticed s
Mar 25, 2002

Artist Went for Bold, Feminist Stroke

Artemisia Gentileschi, as one modern commentator put it, "suffered a scholarly neglect that is almost unthinkable for an artist of her calibre." Even in her own time, when she was indisputably the fi
Mar 23, 2002

Feminist Passover Joyful and Liberating

The idea is not to supplant the traditional family observance âe" a great thing about Judaism is how home-based many of the rituals are âe" but to add an extra dimension. And it's not just
Mar 17, 2002

Grandbaby Has Altered Life's Rhythm

While it's impossible to imagine the future thinking of a person to whom the millennium and September 11 will be ancient history, it's already clear how the birth of our first grandbaby has changed t


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