Public Service Alliance of Canada

Formed in 1966, the Public Service Alliance of Canada is one of Canada's largest unions. A truly national union representing 165,000 members from coast to coast to coast, the PSAC also maintains an international profile through its representation of members who work abroad in embassies and consulates.

In cahoots
Oct 21, 2003

Food safety: worth peanuts?

The employees of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency handed out peanuts to their managers last week. They were expressing their dismay at management's final position in collective bargaining: one per
In cahoots
Jul 22, 2003

Tourism takes inside blow

Whacked by 9-11, struck by SARS, hoofed by mad cow, Canada's flagging tourism industry could use some help. Instead, the Canadian Tourism Commission is responding to slow times by laying off staff. T


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