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Jack's letter to Canadians inspires 'Turning Point' movement

For immediate release - Thursday, September 1, 2011

(Ottawa) Inspired by Jack Layton's final message, almost 1,000 Canadians have already signed up to participate in a week of gatherings and a day of action designed to help them organize themselves, across generations and party lines, to work together for change. Leadnow.ca, the organization that made vote mobs a national phenomena in the last election, is coordinating the campaign, called Turning Point.

* The Turning Point gatherings will take place between Tuesday, September 27 and Sunday, October 2nd.

* The Turning Point day of action will take place on Monday, October 3rd.


Yes We Can end the war in Afghanistan

It is increasingly clear that a dramatic reduction in military spending has become an economic necessity. Yet, the Harper government is doing the opposite, while trying to conceal it. And so, as President Obama makes his first visit to Canada, Prime Minister Harper is busy forging ahead with a stealth 'war stimulus' that will actually stoke the fire of the economic crisis.


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