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| March 8, 2010
| March 8, 2010

Canada violates Olympic truce

March 5, 2010
| As the opening ceremonies for the 2010 Winter Olympics were taking place on Feb. 12, NATO launched the largest offensive in the nine years of the war in Afghanistan.
Length: 13:31

Freedom fighters, self-deprecation and a speech from the throne

The Spartacus of SeaWorld: Who knows, of course, if Tilikum the SeaWorld orca had a motive in killing his trainer, Dawn Brancheau, and withholding her from rescuers. But an impulse to attribute humanish motives to animals is ancient and irresistible. I don't think we do it from egocentrism, but rather from fellow feeling and analogy. We are, after all, animals, too. We have an inner life, for which there's no external proof. Why shouldn't they?

| March 3, 2010
| March 3, 2010
rabble radio

#101 - 2010 Olympics: gold medal for activism

February 23, 2010
| In this podcast: Why protest the Olympics, Aboriginal activists speak out, talking diversity of tactics, and all about Vancouver's Red Tent campaign for housing.
Length: 26:45

Black Bloc tactics spark intense debate

March 2, 2010
| Following the 2010 Heart Attack actions on February 13, anti-Olympic activists were divided in their response to the actions of the Black Bloc.
Length: 1:12:24

End poverty. It's not a game

A placard posted at the Olympic Tent Village in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.

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| March 1, 2010
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