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| September 10, 2014

Memo to Nova Scotia's Tax and Regulatory Review: Raise taxes!

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Here's something else that would advance our cause in Nova Scotia if we could only talk about it without the pious platitudes: taxation.

As it turns out the provincial government has its Tax and Regulatory Review on the case. This could be a very useful exercise if it actually goes to the root of the matter. But will it? Or is it meant to chow down on the prevailing dogma: that the only way forward is to reduce taxes, especially business taxes, and to avoid at all cost the heresy of topping up taxes for the highest earners.

Hopefully the review committee, led by public policy expert and former Ontario cabinet minister Laurel Broten, will take account of the problems with this creed.

| August 13, 2014

A number is never just a number: Child-care costs vs. university tuition

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Average annual cost of child care for a toddler in Ontario in 2012. Compare that to the $7,180 average cost of university tuition fees in Ontario in 2012/13. (Source and source)


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| July 28, 2014
| July 16, 2014

Lean In: A fairy-tale in a fantasy land

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After reading Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg, I couldn't stop comparing myself to her. After all, Sheryl Sandberg is almost my age. We were both born in 1969. We grew up in a middle-class family and went to business school.

But perhaps the similarities stop there.

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| July 8, 2014
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| July 8, 2014

Peoples' Social Forum will build a better Canada

Please help stop Harper's election fraud plan. Become a monthly supporter. 

It can be difficult these days, especially here in Alberta, to fathom that there is light at the end of the proverbial tunnel in regards to our future.


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