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Meagan Perry is's editor-in-chief. She began her work in media at the age of 17, broadcasting at her high school's lunchhour intercom radio station. She then moved on to a decade in community radio, working as news director at CJSR-FM in Edmonton, Alberta, then programming manager at CFRU-FM in Guelph, Ontario. In the late '90s Meagan joined the team at CBC Radio's As It Happens where she directed the nightly program and produced stories. She then moved to Winnipeg to work at CBC's Definitely Not the Opera. In 2005, Meagan left the CBC and headed North to Whitehorse Yukon, where worked for the Territory's independent newspaper The Yukon News, spearheading a program of community reporting across the territory while freelancing for print and radio outlets including: This Magazine, Herizons, The New Zealand Herald, National Post, BBC, Irish Public Radio, and NPR. When started its podcast network, Meagan joined on and has been honoured to work with podcasters and radio professionals across the world for 8 years. In 2007, Meagan founded MAP Communications Consulting, which continues to produce audio and video content for organizations across Canada. In her work with, she is consistently impressed by the knowledge and commitment of progressive activists, and the breadth and strength of activism in Canada. When Meagan is not at her computer, she can probably be found gardening.
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#124 - The Canadian election, it's sweetness and light, right?

April 12, 2011
| A feature interview with the guy who depressed us about the election last episode. This time, a bit of hope from him!
Length: 13:54
rabble radio

#123 - Election scary yet boring? We've got an election contest for you!

April 7, 2011
| In this podcast: Terrifying yet boring -- the Canadian election. A new rabble radio contest. Cracking the cover of human books. Fukushima Daichi and alt power. An ode to the ipad 2.
Length: 26:53
Needs No Introduction

So a theorist, an activist and a journalist meet in Dakar after a protest...

February 8, 2011
| On Feb. 4, journalist Firoze Manji walked in on Egyptian theorist Samir Amin and Mamdou Habashi, a well known Egyptian activist talking politics, and joined right in. Here's the recording he made.
Length: 50:21
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#122 - Women's take on uprisings in the Middle East

March 8, 2011
| Arab-Canadian feminist activist Nahla Abdo outlines her ideas for the region, and Palestinian activist Reem Yumis on women's role in the uprisings. Happy International Women's Day, all.
Length: 28:05
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#121 - Canadian activist caught up in Egypt demonstrations

February 2, 2011
| Jase Tanner was in Tahrir square when pro-Mubarak forces came to break up the demonstrations. Code Pink's Medea Benjamin was in another part of the square. In this podcast, we hear their stories.
Length: 15:55
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#120 - Cairo after Mubarak's address

January 29, 2011
| Tighe Barry was in Cairo as part of a Codepink delegation on its way to Gaza when the protests started. In this special edition of rabble radio, he describes the situation after the army arrived.
Length: 10:57
rabble radio

#119 - Special Interview from Cairo

January 28, 2011
| Tighe Barry was in Cairo as part of a Codepink delegation on its way to Gaza when the protests started. In this special edition of rabble radio, he describes his experience in the protests.
Length: 15:44
rabble radio

#118 - Bad cop/bad cop

January 27, 2011
| In this episode: Transit police in Vancouver accused of violence, a new report recommends protection for women and girls in Haiti, and Canada chases out war resisters. Music this episode: Bad Cop.
Length: 30:32
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#117 - New year rising. What shall we do with it?

January 10, 2011
| In this episode: rewriting your life, spy movies for cold war evenings, The Stimulators warm you up, new tech and going green for 2011.
Length: 32:05
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#116 - Open Internet, Assange and feminism

December 20, 2010
| In this episode documentarian Velcrow Ripper reports from the Cancun Climate summit, a testimonial on supportive housing, and feminist blogging and the open Internet.
Length: 30:02
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