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SPECIAL: Not Rex: Egypt unchained!

In a special episode of Not Rex, Humberto DaSilva reports on Hosni Mubarak's resignation and the people's revolution in Egypt.

My lifetime of waiting for this Egyptian moment

It is hard to find words to describe the sense of immense, almost otherworldly joy that has enraptured Egyptians here in Canada who witnessed the miracle that unfolded over the course of the Egyptian revolution, and came to ecstatic fruition Friday evening. Over those 18 days, as we watched minute by minute, hour by hour, as the Egypt that we and our parents left behind shook off the debris of the Mubarak dictatorship to re-emerge with its eyes open, determined, proud, joyous.



Two revolutions: Egypt and Iran

February 14, 2011
| On Feb. 11, Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak fell, 32 years to the day after the Shah of Iran was overthrown. Redeye explores similarities and differences between the two revolutions with Saeed Rahnema.
Length: 17:57

Changing dynamics in the Middle East

February 10, 2011
| Redeye's Mordecai Briemberg discusses the impact of the Palestine Papers released to Al Jazeera by Wikileaks, particularly in the context of the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt.
Length: 15:14

Rally 4 Egypt: Celebrating the path to freedom

Saturday, February 12, 2011 - 12:30pm - 2:00pm


Vancouver Public Library, Central Library Vancouver, BC
49° 15' 40.4136" N, 123° 6' 50.1372" W

The whole world is watching Egypt. And the whole world is inspired by the people's determined and courageous struggle to end a decades-old dictatorship.

Let's show that the people of Vancouver support this movement in Egypt and the wider region, and that we support human rights, democracy, freedom and equality.

Please RSVP, post this event, and please invite your family and friends. And then SMS or phone them as well to encourage... them to come out... This will be Vancouver's fourth straight Saturday rally in solidarity with the movements in Tunisia and Egypt, and we need this one to be the biggest.

Victory for the Egyptian people

Saturday, February 12, 2011 - 1:00pm - 5:00pm


Yonge-Dundas Square Toronto, ON
43° 39' 9" N, 79° 22' 54.0012" W

Join us as we celebrate this historic victory for the people of Egypt.

We will also hold a moment of silence in commemoration for the brave Martyrs who gave their lives to make this possible.

Bring you friends; family; everyone you know!

Note: people will also be celebrating in Dundas square Friday night starting @ 6:00 p.m. We encourage who ever can make it down, to join them!!!

Organized by:
Toronto-Arab Solidarity Campaign

Endorsed by:
Canadian Coptic Association
Egyptian National Association for Change
Canadian Arab Federation
Canadian Peace Alliance
Toronto Coalition to Stop the War

Interview: The role of youth in Tahrir Square protests

Mona, a University of Cairo student and activist, discusses the role of youth activists in the Tahrir Square protests.

Adhaf Soueif reports from Tahrir Square

Egyptian novelist and activist, Adhaf Soueif, reports on the protests at Tahrir Square.

#Jan25 music track by Omar Offendum, The Narcicyst, Freeway, Ayah, Amir Sulaiman

Inspired by the resilience of Egyptian people during their recent uprising, several notable musicians from North America have teamed up to release a song of solidarity and empowerment. The track is fittingly titled "#Jan25" as a reference to both the date the protests officially began in Egypt, and its prominence as a trending topic on Twitter. Produced by Sami Matar, a Palestinian-American composer from Southern California, and featuring the likes of Freeway, The Narcicyst, Omar Offendum, HBO Def Poet Amir Sulaiman, and Canadian R&B vocalist Ayah. This track serves as a testament to the revolution's effect on the hearts and minds of today's youth, and the spirit of resistance it has come to symbolize for oppressed people worldwide.

Artist Information:

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