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Murray Dobbin

Revolution reveals Egypt's humanity

| February 10, 2011

Nada's story: Interview with Egyptian pro-democracy activist

Nada discusses why she's joined other pro-democracy demonstrators on the streets of Cairo.

Alert! Radio from Canadian Dimension

The Egyptian and Tunisian uprising and five years of Stephen Harper

February 4, 2011
| Alert! Radio #171 -- Interviews with Mustafa Henaway on the Egyptian and Tunisian uprising and Murray Dobbin on five years of Stephen Harper.
Length: 1:00:33

Egypt's youth driving the revolution

"In memoriam, Christoph Probst, Hans Scholl, Sophie Scholl" reads the banner at the top of Kareem Amer's popular Egyptian dissident blog. "Beheaded on Feb. 22, 1943, for daring to say no to Hitler, and yes to freedom and justice for all." The young blogger's banner recalls the courageous group of anti-Nazi pamphleteers who called themselves the White Rose Collective. They secretly produced and distributed six pamphlets denouncing Nazi atrocities, proclaiming, in one, "We will not be silent." Sophie and her brother Hans Scholl were captured by the Nazis, tried, convicted and beheaded.

Street Cred

Egypt's crackdown on the media

February 9, 2011
| The Committee to Protect Journalists talk about the violence perpetrated against the media in Egypt.
Length: 09:57 minutes (4.57 MB)

Al Jazeera, social media and Egypt's uprising

The New York Times reckons "it is Al Jazeera's moment." gushed: "The western media's countless criticism of the Qatar-based satellite channel has bitten dust in the face of the network's relentless coverage of the event.... During the initial days of the coverage, American media used Al Jazeera video and referred to its content with admiration, usually reserved for the BBC.... Al Jazeera surely has won new fans across the United States for its up-close, around-the-clock coverage of the protests in Egypt."


The fight for revolutionary Marxism

Wednesday, February 16, 2011 - 6:00pm - 8:00pm


OISE (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education)
252 Bloor Street West, Room 2279
Toronto, ON
Phone: 416-593-4138
43° 40' 4.854" N, 79° 23' 54.0816" W

Come to a presentation and discussion on the Marxist perspective for a Socialist Federation of the Near East. Down With Mubarak! No to ElBaradei and the Muslim Brotherhood! For workers revolution!

Solid new song and video on the Egyptian uprising. feat. The Narcicyst and Ayah

This is really well done, people should check it out.

#Jan25 Egypt - Omar Offendum, The Narcicyst, Freeway, Ayah, Amir Sulaiman (Prod. by Sami Matar)


Download link:

Egypt uprising could help break siege, sea route still needed

| February 8, 2011

Western hypocrisy on democracy in the Middle East

The fact that the Arab world is awash with dictators has long been a key piece of evidence used to whip up anti-Muslim sentiment in the West.

Surely all those dictators are proof that Arabs don't love democracy the way we Westerners do, that they are culturally, religiously and perhaps congenitally attracted to tyrannical strongmen as leaders.

This widely held view will be difficult to sustain here now that wall-to-wall TV coverage of the Egyptian (and Tunisian) uprisings has exposed the truth: Arabs don't like tyrants any more than we do.

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