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High Infidelity - Online Dating and Honesty

March 19, 2009
| Could going online in search of love make you more true to yourself?
Length: 18:21

Truth and lies in online dating

Anonymity online makes it easier to lie without consequences.

But when it comes to dating sites, many users feel it's easier to be truthful about who they are online.

"For me personally, I put exactly what I'm looking for (in my online dating profile). I tell people up front what I'm about so it saves hassle and time later. Remember, you can't spell hassle without ass," said one user in an online message that identified him only by his online name, BullPopert.

BullPopert feels he presents his true self online. He says he tends to be direct and open.

"I got to tell you, doing this whole up front and honest business is really working out for me ... I seem to be able to use it to my advantage," he said.


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