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Stuart Trew is trade campaigner for the Council of Canadians.

Japan's WTO complaint against Canada could expose corporate attack on green jobs

The conflict between environmental policy and the current international trade regime has been long, controversial, and inconclusive. As the world comes to terms with the severity of the climate crisis and its causes in human economic activity, questions about whether climate change mitigation strategies are legal or not under World Trade Organization and other trade rules are more pressing than ever.

The same uncertainty has haunted local procurement and job creation measures post-financial crisis, some of which are tied to broader environmental goals. A good example is Ontario's Green Energy Act, which directs local and international investment toward the creation of green jobs in the province.


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Photo: Mike Dolan of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters addresses a crow
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Video: Day of Action against the Trans-Pacific Partnership and Corporate Globalization

On January 31, 2014, the Council of Canadians participated in an Inter-Continental Day of Action against the Trans-Pacific Partnership and Corporate Globalization. Actions and events took place in more than 50 cities across Canada, the United States, Mexico and Australia. 

Dan Peruzzo of D See Video Productions captured the action in Comox, British Columbia and is inviting everyone to share and post the video to their websites, Facebook accounts and listserves. It's a good time to do so with TPP negotiations continuing behind closed doors in Singapore this week.

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