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Aug 31, 2016

Gawker and Craigslist: A tale of two sites

It's hard to imagine two sites more different than Gawker and Craigslist, or two people more diametrically opposed than their founders. But each, in their own way, have shaped the journalism of today.
Aug 29, 2016
The Strange Wax Cylinders of Thaddeus Barnes - image of Edison wax cylinder play

Episode Two: The Strange Wax Cylinders of Thaddeus Barnes

The Strange Copper Cylinders of Thaddeus Barnes
In this week's exciting episode the Serbian genius Nikola Tesla relates a narrow escape from an enemy, but his troubles, and those of Thaddeus Barnes, may not be over.
Aug 27, 2016

Joan Haggerty's new novel is a West Coast family saga

A new novel by novelist and Bowen Island resident Joan Haggerty follows four families, including one Japanese family, through the tumultuous years of the Second World War and beyond.
Aug 17, 2016

Meet the hosts of The Hum Podcast

The Hum Podcast
Amar and Gilad bare their souls... to each other. Listen in as they chat about life as immigrants, eating disorders, stigma and much more.
Aug 15, 2016

Why I don't care about the Olympics

Emily Blake
The pressure to enjoy the Olympic games can be overwhelming, but here are some reasons why you might want to turn your attention elsewhere.


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