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September 21, 2012 |
We are very disappointed in the decision on the Quebec case and we regret that our Quebec members cannot pursue this case against the Fraser Brookfield Directors.
| September 16, 2012

Not Rex: Quebec shooting and the reality of right-wing terrorism

At first I thought it was just a second gunman shooting at Pauline Marois, then I realized how vast the conspiracy actually was!

Mine Jeffrey, Asbestos, QC. Photo: Axel Drainville/Flickr
| September 11, 2012

Could this be the PQ's last hurrah?

Pauline Marois and Léo Bureau-Blouin. (Photo: Marie Berne / flickr)

Pauline Marois has cemented her place in history by becoming Quebec's first-ever female Premier. But there's also a good chance that she'll be remembered as the last Parti Québécois (PQ) leader to govern the province. In fact, it's entirely plausible that both the PQ and Liberals (PLQ) could disappear from Quebec's electoral landscape within a few decades.


Quebec and the rest of Canada: Why we shouldn't fear conversations about sovereignty

Photo: Alexandre Guedon

“If you look at Québec solidaire, they’re a hard left political party that believes in the separation of our country” -Ian Capstick, former NDP staffer, with some unhelpful rhetoric this morning on The Current.


| September 5, 2012

Quebec election results: What PQ minority rule will mean

The results of the Quebec election are bad news for the winners. Pauline Marois and the Parti Québecois expected to win a majority (63 seats) of the 125 seats. Instead, they fell short (55 seats) winning only 32 per cent of the vote, the second lowest PQ share of the popular vote in the nine elections, since forming government for the first time in 1976 with 41 per cent of the vote. 

Voter turnout was impressive at more than 73 per cent, sharply up from the last election when it was less than 60 per cent.

Stephen Harper
| September 5, 2012
| September 4, 2012
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