Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Anti-semitism

Jul 22, 2011

CPCCA, campuses and criminalizing criticism of Israel

Abby Lippman
Mary-Jo Nadeau
Sue Ferguson
Eric Shragge
Gary Kinsman and Reuben Roth
The CPCCA's dubious conclusions of what is anti-Semitism, made in order to redefine and control criticism of Israeli policy towards Palestinians, mock the idea of disinterested parliamentary inquiry.
Book Review
Jan 27, 2011

Anti-semitism and free speech

Suzanne Weiss
Michael Keefer has compiled a timely and effective handbook for all those resisting attacks on free speech regarding the Israeli government's crimes against Palestine.
Dec 20, 2010

Postscript on the New McCarthyism

Stephen Harper made it de rigueur for other political parties and the governor-general to attend the recent CPCCA summit on anti-semitism, a move nearer to criminalizing criticism of Israel.
Sep 14, 2010

Antisemitism: Real and imagined

In his book "Antisemitism: Real and imagined," Michael Keefer details Canada's history of anti-semitism, and challenges attempts to equate political criticism of Israel with a "new" anti-semitism.
Apr 1, 2010

Is criticism of Iran a form of anti-Iranianism?

Terry Greenberg
A parody of the Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Anti-Semitism. Their deliberations are based on the idea that criticism of Israel is anti-semitic. Try substituting 'Israel' with 'Iran.'
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