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Jason Kenney disrupted: Full immigration status for all!

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Two migrant justice activists from No One Is Illegal - Toronto disrupted Employment Minister Jason Kenney's press conference Wednesday afternoon in Toronto demanding permanent immigration status for migrant workers.

This action organized by No One Is Illegal - Toronto and Justicia for Migrant Workers occurred days after changes to the Temporary Foreign Workers Program, which make it more difficult for migrant workers to change jobs, and deny them permanent immigration status. The community will stand strong to prevent the largest mass deportation in Canadian history.

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| June 25, 2014
Thomas Lukaszuk
| June 23, 2014
Jason kenney
| June 21, 2014
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What do you think of the changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program?

Today, Employment Minister Jason Kenney and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander announced an overhaul to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program including: lifting the ban on hiring Temporary Foreign Workers at fast-food restaurants, increasing application fees for employers who want to hire TFWs, and limiting the number of low-wage TFWs who can be hired by an employer.

What do you think of the changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program?


| June 2, 2014
| May 27, 2014

Jason Kenney, temporary foreign workers and Canada's services trade

Photo: michael_swan/flickr

When he announced the sudden moratorium on new temporary foreign workers (TFWs) in the restaurant industry, Employment and Social Development Minister Jason Kenney tried to reconcile this dramatic about-face with his government's long-standing support for the whole idea of migrant guest workers. So while strongly criticizing a few particular restaurants for their high-profile "abuses" of the program (even though it was usually hard to see what rules were actually broken), he at the same time mounted an energetic defence of the whole Temporary Foreign Workers Program. (Here's my Globe and Mail column on the political reasons for Kenney'

Dominique M. Gross
| May 20, 2014

Foreign worker issue was damaging fragile Conservative coalition

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How do we explain the dramatic about-face by Employment Minister Jason Kenney on the Temporary Foreign Worker program? After years of extolling the program's virtues, invoking dire fears of a labour shortage, Mr. Kenney suddenly slammed the door in the face of the program's biggest user: the hospitality industry.

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