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Owning the podium, selling the stadium

The Harper government portrays itself as standing up for Canada, but it is preparing a major sell-off of Canadian interests that will compromise our cultural sovereignty, national identity and national security.

In last week's federal budget, the Harper government signalled its intent to throw open the doors of foreign ownership in three strategic, previously protected, sectors: telecommunications, satellites and uranium.

The issue here isn't foreign investment, which is allowed. At issue is a move to allow giant multinational conglomerates to come in and take over Canadian companies in these key sectors.


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| August 19, 2014

Regulatory failure: Who's actually to blame for Lac-Mégantic disaster?

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Last week, ten months after disaster struck the town of Lac-Mégantic, Quebec government prosecutors laid criminal charges against three front-line employees of Montreal Maine and Atlantic Railway (MMA).

Each suspect, paraded publicly in handcuffs in a classic U.S.-style "perp walk," was charged with 47 counts of criminal negligence causing death. 

Residents reacted with disbelief at the travesty of the bankrupt MMA, which was also charged and only faces fines if convicted. Its senior executives, directors and owners have escaped prosecution while the three employees face life behind bars. 

For those hoping to achieve justice through the criminal courts, this is a cautionary tale. 


| February 11, 2014
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| November 26, 2013

Lac-Mégantic: Where Does the Buck Stop?

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Canadians trust that their government will take reasonable measures to protect them, their workplaces, communities and their environment. Like the young people partying at the Musi-café in Lac-Mégantic, we are all in a way, oblivious to the risks that governments impose on us. When a catastrophic accident like Lac-Mégantic happens, people’s confidence in the system is shaken.

Was it the result of an improbable sequence of events? An "accident" that occurred in spite of a sound regulatory system and corporations committed to public safety?


| January 24, 2013
| April 2, 2012
| April 27, 2011
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December 6, 2010
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