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February 3, 2014 |
The PSAC recognizes and celebrates the past and present contributions of Black people and people of African descent. We also acknowledge the discrimination, barriers and challenges that remain.
| January 7, 2014
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| December 17, 2013
November 20, 2013 |
November 20 is a day to remember those killed because of the hatred or fear of transgender people.

Family doctors more likely to turn down new patients on welfare

March 4, 2013
| A recent study by Stephen Hwang of St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto found that potential patients of high socioeconomic status have a significantly better chance of getting an appointment.
Length: 10:26 minutes (9.55 MB)

Freedom from religion: An essential right for all

Photo: Dennis Gruending

The integrity of the Conservative government's newly minted Office of Religious Freedom is already in grave doubt after 10 days of pointed criticism. It's a noble-sounding endeavour, but it suffers from too many unanswered questions, glaring incongruities and serious omissions.

Needs No Introduction

Dr. Barbara Perry on Islamophobia

October 24, 2012
| In this podcast, Dr. Barbara Perry discusses her work on the Islamophobia faced by Muslims in Ontario.
Length: 17:34 minutes (16.15 MB)
| August 28, 2012
| August 15, 2012
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