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| December 17, 2013
November 20, 2013 |
November 20 is a day to remember those killed because of the hatred or fear of transgender people.

Family doctors more likely to turn down new patients on welfare

March 4, 2013
| A recent study by Stephen Hwang of St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto found that potential patients of high socioeconomic status have a significantly better chance of getting an appointment.
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Freedom from religion: An essential right for all

Photo: Dennis Gruending

The integrity of the Conservative government's newly minted Office of Religious Freedom is already in grave doubt after 10 days of pointed criticism. It's a noble-sounding endeavour, but it suffers from too many unanswered questions, glaring incongruities and serious omissions.

Needs No Introduction

Dr. Barbara Perry on Islamophobia

October 24, 2012
| In this podcast, Dr. Barbara Perry discusses her work on the Islamophobia faced by Muslims in Ontario.
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| August 28, 2012
| August 15, 2012

India's 'untouchables' and the violence of imperialism

Political grafitti, Mumbai. Photo: the opoponax/Flickr

Struggles against racism and discrimination get a lot of publicity when they are oriented in terms of white Northerners subordinating another group within or outside the Global North. The attention is predictable in light of the history of imperialism, the global political and economic power of North America and the European Union, and the racism experienced by various groups within those regions. The case of the Dalits in India -- historically known in the USA and Canada as the "untouchables" -- opens up the categories of discrimination to an integral analysis that includes caste, class and race.

Protest against Bill C-38 in Cobourg, Ont. on June 2. Photo: Derek Blackadder/Flickr
| June 4, 2012
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