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Crowdsourcing the world

When Vancouverites gathered at the W2 Media Arts Centre for the second Fresh Media Remixology social, myself and the other organizers expected that conversations would be focused on crowdsourced media making. What we didn't anticipate was that attendees would have a hunger to talk about the implications of what this new form of media is making in other spheres of society.

We shouldn't have been surprised. After all, several of us conceptualized the Remixology series as something that would forward the idea of remixing our roles and society at large (society as an open platform). But it was a surprise nonetheless.


FireChat is a free app for iOs and Android that bills itself as an "off the grid" form of texting. It can work online or without an internet connection. In its "nearby" mode, the app uses bluetooth to connect to other mobiles close to it to send messages between phones. A FireChat discussion can include as many as 10,000 people. It has been downloaded by more than 100,000 protesters in Hong Kong, to let protesters strategize without internet connectivity. The app is more like a chat room than an instant messaging platform, used to send mass notices about police activity amongst protesters. 

However the information on the app is not encrypted so users concerned about privacy should not use their real names.


| May 1, 2014

Talk to Young Girls Without Mentioning Appearance

AndWat via Creative Commons License

Despite increased education, a new crop of powerful and inspiring female leaders, and (some) advanced economic and social opportunities for women, many people still have a tendency to talk to girls exclusively about their appearance. Compliments are focused on physical characteristics like clothes or hair.

Check out this great piece by author Kasey Edwards on breaking down these harmful practices and engaging with girls the same way society tends to interact with boys – based on their interests, goals, and opinions. 


Write an Engaging Media Release

via Creative Commons License

Maybe you’ve never written a media release before, or maybe you’re looking to kick up the effectiveness of your organization’s media strategy – either way, these tips are just what you need to get on the right track. 

Take this example from “7 Tips to Practically Perfect Press Releases:” 

-Journalists get bombarded with media releases, pitch letters, and phone calls every single day. So in order to get yours noticed you need to keep it simple and just stick to the facts



A year of beginnings, endings and smart devices: Tech now and in 2014

Photo: CyberHades/flickr

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Here's what I know about personal tech in the year ahead. Your devices will be smaller, closer and smarter than they ever have been. No kidding. That always happens. Think of the shift from the mainframe to the terminal; the terminal to the desktop; the desktop to the laptop; laptop to tablet, to smartphone. At each step our computers and computing devices have become more ours, more personal, more aware and more social. More our assistants and less our appliances.

Next year, this all gets amped up and it shapeshifts. Our computers will not be what we carry, but what we wear.

Living On Purpose

# 211 - Bill Farr - The Power of Personality Types

October 8, 2013
| Bill Farr is inspired to help people transform relationships that may naturally be in conflict and to find the perfect match for their personality types.
Length: 55:14 minutes (50.57 MB)
Living On Purpose

# 209 - Karen Nowak

July 30, 2013
| Karen Nowak is an Animal Communication Consultant & Human Energy Facilitator. Also co-founder of Source Resonance Healing with Nedda Wittels.
Length: 47:48 minutes (43.77 MB)

Canadian Association of Labour Media (CALM) Conference

Thursday, May 23, 2013 - 6:30pm - Saturday, May 25, 2013 - 3:30pm


University of Alberta Lister Conference Centre
87 Avenue and 116 Street,
Edmonton, AB
53° 31' 22.674" N, 113° 31' 50.2608" W

This year we have an exciting program with great keynote speakers, the CALM award ceremonies and banquet, panels on key issues for labour, open sessions for collective strategizing, and a wide range of workshops on writing, social media, campaigning, web design, photography, video and lots more.

On Thursday May 23rd, CALM is offering a day-long session with a dynamic facilitator that will examine how to fight against elements of American-style “Right to Work” legislation that are appearing in Canada. It will have an extra charge of $200 and limited space. It's faciliated by Tracey Mitchell.

hand poses
| April 13, 2013
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