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Not Rex: Adios Aveos

Photo: Not Rex
Employees of Aveos were left holding the bag after the company shut down last week.

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Workers at Ottawa's Salvation Army shelter ask for a living wage

Photo: PSAC-NCR | AFPC-RCN/Flickr
Workers at Ottawa's Salvation Army shelter say it is increasingly difficult to work for poverty wages.

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Photo: Paul Bailey/flickr
| December 15, 2014

Watch: Migrant Workers Speaking Tour

Heard a lot about Temporary Foreign Workers? Now hear from them!

Building Bridges, Breaking Barriers: Migrant Workers Speaking Tour featured discussion from thee migrant workers -- a live-in caregiver, a farmworker and a restaurant worker.



A number is never just a number: Minimum wage mythology

Photo: Reid Haithcock/uusc4all/flickr


Number of decades that the average of provincial minimum wages in Canada has remained unchanged in real terms. (Source)


Photo: Michael Coghlan/flickr
| October 31, 2014
Photo: Toby Scott/flickr
| September 16, 2014
Source: CANSIM 281-0027
| September 16, 2014
Photo: Sharon Drummond/flickr
| September 10, 2014

Labour Day

Labour Day (or fête du travail) is celebrated on the first Monday of September. The day is often marked with parades, protests and reminders of the continued struggles of workers for fair wages, decent hours and safe working conditions.

Canada’s first Labour Day event was way back in 1872. As mechanized labour started to sweep the country with the Industrial Revolution, workers were increasingly easier to replace with machines. The fear of losing their jobs often kept workers in unsafe workplaces, working excessive hours for very little pay. At this time, Canada was still operating under archaic British laws which made unions illegal and had already been abolished in Britain.


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