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Organize. It's worth it

G20 inquiry rally, July 1, 2010. Photo: My Toronto Democracy/Flickr
Book lounge: Come hell or high water, we won't stop...

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Five ways the new anti-mask Bill C-309 will affect activists and civil liberties

Riot police in Vancouver at 2010 Olympics. There will be no ban on these masks.

Bill C-309 is the latest attempt by the Harper Government to strangle dissent. 

Put forward by Alberta Wildrose backbencher MP Blake Richards, the Bill is an amendment to the Criminal Code. Specifically, it makes it illegal to wear a mask at an "unlawful" protest, a crime now punishable with a decade-long jail sentence. 

Richards has gone on the record defending his Private Members Bill as a well-intentioned response to the Vancouver Riots, stating in the House of Commons that "this tool in no way restricts citizens' rights to expression or assembly. In fact, it serves to strengthen them."


Photo: Tigana/Flickr
| June 18, 2012

Changing image of Arabs

April 28, 2011
| The uprisings in the Middle East have shaken some of the prejudices against Arabs and led Westerners to see people in the Muslim countries of the Middle East as simply people struggling for justice.
Length: 14:40

Why voters appear to accept Harper's contempt

What does it say about our democracy when the prime minister of the country can with impunity almost continuously demonstrate contempt for it and repeatedly violate its rules, conventions, and the independence of its institutions and agencies? Combined with a trend to disturbingly low turnouts in federal elections there is reason to start using the term crisis in describing Canadian democracy.


Gaza Freedom March highlights lack of democracy in Egypt

January 23, 2010
| The Egyptian government refused to allow all but a few marchers to cross the border into Gaza. Joel Beinin says this is on par with the kind of repression Egyptian pro-democracy activists face daily.
Length: 13:34
| December 18, 2009

Is justice in sight on security certificates?

Sophie and Mohamed Harket can celebrate having his conditions eased. Monia Mazigh -- who fought for justice for her husband, Maher Arar -- wonders if the end is in sight for security certificates.

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Security certificates: Is it the end?

The week of September 21 was an important one. Well, it is true that it is a special week when Muslims celebrated Eid-ul-Fitr and were happy congratulating and visiting each other. But for two other Muslim families, one in Ottawa and another in Montreal, this week had a special meaning.

I am speaking about Sophie Lamarche and her husband Mohamed Harkat who live in Ottawa, and about Adil Charkaoui and his family who live in Montreal. For Harkat and Charkaoui this week meant an extraordinary change in their lives.


Supporters plan to bring Abdelrazik home to testify about forced exile in Sudan

Abousfian Abdelrazik’s lawyer Yavar Hameed announced in a press conference in Ottawa today that the stranded Canadian plans to fly home on 12 June 2009 in order to appear at the Standing Committee for Foreign Affairs before Parliament adjourns for the summer.

Earlier this month, after a motion introduced by NDP Foreign Affairs Critic Paul Dewar was voted through the Standing Committee for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Abdelrazik was invited to appear before the Committee to testify about his six years of forced exile in Sudan.


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