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Watch Food Secure Canada's Biennial Assembly live!

Join in to find how people in Canada and around the world are fighting for our food secure future.

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January 13, 2014 |
Those who have been harmed by Canadian mining operations overseas need to be able to seek justice in Canada.
Photo: Mel Watkins
| November 25, 2013

Toxic Tour to expose mining practices

April 27, 2013
| On April 29, British Columbia’s mining companies will have a gala celebration at Canada Place in Vancouver to kick off BC Mining Week 2013. The Mining Justice Alliance also has plans for the week.
Length: 17:15 minutes (15.8 MB)
April 27, 2013 |
As a nation, Canada is known increasingly for its isolationist and individualistic positions rather than its collaboration.

Dangers of global rush for aviation biofuel

April 18, 2013
| With profits increasingly threatened by rising fuel prices, airlines are turning to biofuels both to reduce costs and to give the industry a sustainable image.
Length: 12:18 minutes (11.26 MB)

The global state of humanity

The United States has a higher level of human development than Canada. The latest United Nations Human Development Report compiles statistics on life expectancy, education and access to human resources in order to compose the Human Development Index (HDI). The U.S. ranked third in the world in terms of human development while Canada ranked eleventh. This is sad news for Canada because within the 13-year tenure of the previous Liberal government (1993-2006) Canada ranked number 1 in the world for seven consecutive years (1994-2000). Under the Conservative government, reigning from 2006 onwards, Canada has fallen out of the top 10.


The progress of nations

UNDP Administrator Helen Clark at the HDR2013 official launch

If you were stranded on a deserted island -- without online access -- what book would most help you while away the hours? Some would opt for the latest novel by Haruki Murakami whose compelling, enigmatic stories would keep one endlessly entertained. Others might choose the Bible or Keith Richards' autobiography in order to gain spiritual insight. The question is an interesting one because it provides us with an engaging nugget of self-knowledge.


Global capitalism and David McNally's monsters

Change the conversation, support today.

One of the many carnivalesque aspects of consumer society is the popular fascination -- and fashion -- oriented around various types of monsters. As with previous groups that rebelled via a parodic inversion against the regulatory demands of official culture -- such as hippies in the 1960s, skinheads in the 1980s and the occasional cyborg in the 1990s -- today's zombie and vampire enthusiasts present themselves in opposition to mainstream, bourgeois style, costume and aesthetics.


Book: Paved with Good Intentions

September 24, 2012
| A new book challenges the idea that non-governmental organizations working in the Global South help people to achieve meaningful and just development.
Length: 13:18 minutes (12.18 MB)
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