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Activist Commandments for the Environmentalist (plus petitions)

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If you tend to focus your activist interests on environmental and animal justice – or you want to find a way to get involved – check out some simple ways to do so.



| September 21, 2011

Online petitions


This guide is intended to show activists how to create an online petition.



The petition is a tool that has been used by activists for years. In the past, the petition has taken the form of a written request for action that is accompanied by a collection of signatures. Contemporarily, however, activists are opting for online petitions.



What online petition platform should I use?

How do online petitions work?

How do I promote my online petition?

How can I promote my online petition offline?


Choosing a platform



PetitionOnline offers free online hosting of public petitions.

PetitionOnline instantly generates web-based petitions from user-submitted online forms. Functioning as an online clipboard, the website collects and displays all petition signatures. As each petition is self-contained, accessibility for would-be signers is available via the petition URL.

The tool's aim is the advancement and promotion of grassroots democracy.



The Petition Site

The Petition Site hosts various templates for online petitions that users can create for specific causes and/or campaigns. The site is focused on conservation, although petitions on any topic can be created.

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