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Making decisions in a general assembly

October 18, 2011
| Occupy Wall Street has used a general assembly to make decisions since the occupation began. Manuel Schulte was at the first general assembly to plan Occupy Vancouver.
Length: 12:08

Hello from The Redneck Party USA

Hello Folks!

We have created a Grassroots Movement called Redneck Party. We take our name from the "Redneck War" of 1921. Google it! My people marched with red bandannas tied around their necks so they wouldn't shoot each other. Seriously though, amidst being called commies they were some of the most courageous and valiant Patriots of their day.

The lure of the grassroots: Step beyond private life to public good

Welcome to's extended series on the Canadian left -- Reinventing democracy, reclaiming the commons: A progressive dialogue on the future of Canada -- a look at where it stands after the 2011 federal election, and what the future can hold. The series will run in this,'s 10th year, and is curated by journalist Murray Dobbin.


Velcrow Ripper

In the wake of Cancun

| December 15, 2010

What's your priority for the next Ontario budget?

What's your top priority for the next Ontario budget?


Ontario has lost about 200,000 jobs since the recession started. Many of the jobs we do have are part-time. Ontario cities and towns are hurting. Good jobs must be the governments top priority in Dalton McGuintys next budget.

Healing the Earth

The struggle to protect Guelph's Old Growth Forest and thwart Guelph's newest and largest industrial development

July 19, 2009
| Guelph's Old Growth forest is under threat of being surrounded by a 675-acre corporate industrial development. Community efforts to protect this land continue, and time is running out.
Length: 39:46

Grass Roots Organics EcoFarm's Wayne MacPhail interviews Sean McGivern, the owner of the Grass ROots Organics EcoFarm in Desboro, Ontario. Sean runs an organic farm and raises heritage grains and livestock. He's responsible for sparking a revival of eco-friendly farming in the Grey and Bruce counties in Ontario.

Publishing a zine

a bunch of zines spread out on a table

Self publishing amongst activists has a colourful, jaggedly cut and political history. Zines have been scattered around in one form or another since words were written on paper, but for activists and political artists, zines really took off in the pre-online world of the 1990s. Popularized by the riot grrrl movement, a product of feminism and alternative rock in North America, zines quickly became an invaluable vehicle for manifestos and sharing lived experiences. Nowadays, zines can be found online and in print. This guide will go over how to put together a zine cover to cover and include:


What's a zine?
Creating content
Figuring out formatting


Whats a zine


Public outreach for activists

posters can be a great form of public outreach

Public outreach basically means getting the word out about a campaign and connecting with people who'd be interested. It can also be used to increase pressures on politicians, communities and spread information. The best public outreach gets people to understand and care about your campaign. This guide will cover:

Crafting a message



Publicity ideas


Crafting a message


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