Apr 18, 2016

There was no NDP Leap

Michael Laxer
All the hyperbole to the contrary, the NDP did not adopt the Leap Manifesto in Edmonton. Not even close.
Apr 14, 2016

The Leap: Time for a reality check

Well, the Leap is certainly in the news. Many articles have been filled with errors and misrepresentations, which isn't surprising. We should expect more, however, from commentators on the left.
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Female leadership for the NDP

Like many progressives, I was sorely disappointed by Megan Leslie's recent announcement that she won't run for the leadership of the Party, and I sincerely hope that she changes her mind. She's quite literally the perfect candidate - personable, youthful, likeable, articulate, smart, relatively well-known, pragmatic enough for moderates, activist street cred. to satisfy the purists, and she's a woman. There is an enormous deficit of female leadership at the federal level, and Elizabeth May, while a great MP, isn't exactly an effective leader (the Greens aren't always progressive either).

Apr 12, 2016

The way ahead for the NDP

Three challenges await the NDP membership: animating riding associations, renewing party policy, and restructuring the party. It's time to replace trickle-down politics with democratic party politics.


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