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Your questions for Charlie Angus Q&A early next week!

Hello babblers,

I've just had word from Charlie Angus's team that he'll be available for a Q&A tomorrow, time yet to be confirmed.

I know this is a tight timeline, but please submit your questions here ASAP. We'll pick the six or seven that best represent a diversity of views, will send them to Charlie's team, and then post the answers in a live thread tomorrow.

Edited to add: Charlie is ill and won't be able to do our Q&A until early next week. We wish him well and look forward to our dialogue with him.

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Live Q&A with Niki Ashton Tuesday September 26, 8pm

Hey folks,

I'm super  pleased to announce that we will be hosting Niki Ashton in a live Q&A this coming Tuesday from 8 to 9pm. We've selected six or seven questions from all of you and those will be answered over the course of an hour. If we're really efficient, there may be time to pose questions real time. We're also in the process of booking Q&As with the other candidates, so get your questions ready for them. 

I'm going to keep this thread closed until shortly before the event, so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to message me. 


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