Sep 23, 2017
Cynthia Khoo and Tracey Ramsey. Image: OpenMedia

Taking your voices on NAFTA to Ottawa

Cynthia Khoo
OpenMedia's external legal counsel Cynthia Khoo reports back from meeting with Tracey Ramsey, NDP Critic for International Trade and Vice-Chair of the Standing Committee on International Trade
Sep 6, 2017
Image: Facebook/Edmonton Strathcona Federal NDP

B'nai Brith's shameful attack on Niki Ashton

Yves Engler
Having failed to deter Ashton from expressing support for the Palestinian cause by associating her with "terrorists," B'nai Brith brought the Holocaust into the NDP leadership race.
Forum topic

NDP leadership Q&A - questions for Niki Ashton here on babble!

Some of you will remember that back in 2012 we hosted NDP leadership candidates for a series of Q&As. Based on the success of that we've decided to do it again. I'm just in the process of confirming details for each candidate. We'll have Niki Ashton here tentatively on September 13th, 8pm. If that changes for any reason I'll let you know.

Aug 26, 2017
Image: Flickr/Jeff Djevdet​

Next NDP leader needs a strong corporate tax plan

Erin Weir
In 2015 Liberals overtook the NDP as the progressive alternative to Conservatives because the NDP didn't put forward a fiscal plan to pay for ambitious improvements to public services, income support.


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