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How will you be ranking your NDP Leadership ballot?

Hi everyone! Laughing

(As of this moment) how would you rank your ballot for the NDP leadership race?


What factors have influenced your decisions?

From the other leadership discussions on Rabble, I am noticing some of the following issues and factors:


- Bilingual (ability to speak both French and English fluently)

- Leadership qualities / charisma of the candidate

- Overall, who can potential get us the best results

- Is the candidate part of the party 'establishment' or not 

- How left-wing is the candidate

Nov 11, 2011

La consternante performance du NPD

Pierre Beaudet
Apres l'election du 2 mai dernier et la percee surprise du NPD, plusieurs electeurs et electrices du Quebec etaient enclins e donner la chance au coureur. Mais six mois plus tard...
Nov 8, 2011

The nine NDP leadership contenders -- info and links

Cathryn Atkinson
With nine candidates now bidding to replace Jack Layton as leader of the New Democrats, the field is now crowded. rabble.ca has compiled useful links and babble is the place to talk about the race.
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Questions for Niki Ashton

This thread is for questions specific to Niki Ashton's leadership campaign and all that the success of which would entail.  Over the next few weeks and months, we will invite each NDP leadership candidate to answer your questions in a moderated discussion.

Please confine your contributions to the leadership candidate threads to questions directed at the individual candidate named in the thread title.  Discussions and comments can be posted in any of the several other federal NDP threads.

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NDP leadership 32

Here is a translation of a column about Mulcair and the NDP from Le Journal de Montreal.

Mulcair suspect

By Jean-Jacques Samson
Le Journal de Montréal
October 18, 2011

Thomas Mulcair is not a pure-blood socialist. That is his main handicap in the race for the NDP leadership.

Faith in socialist doctrine is as important to the NDP as faith in Québec independence may be to the Parti Québécois.


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