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Federal NDP leadership candidates visiting BC

I propose this thread to be specifically dedicated to listing upcoming BC appearances of federal NDP leadership candidates. This is probably best in the Canadian politics section because it's federal, even though it's about one region of the country.

Nov 2, 2011

Peggy Nash enters NDP leadership race

John Bonnar Audio Blog
NDP leadership candidate Peggy Nash shares her thoughts on why she decided to enter the race, her priorities for Canada, how Jack Layton influenced her leadership style and more.
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Bob Rae surpasses Nycole Turmel on Leadership Index

This story got quite a bit of coverage on CTV today and was one of the topics on Don Martin's Power Play show tonight.

It will be interesting to see whether this trend continues.


Mon. Oct. 31 2011


Poll gives high marks to Harper, but Rae gaining

Voting-age Canadians rate Prime Minister Stephen Harper as the most competent and trustworthy federal political leader, but a new poll suggests Liberal Leader Bob Rae is making the most gains with the electorate.

. . .

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Meet Peggy Nash, Greet other Supporters, Share Interest in her campaign

This thread aims to satisfy those in our babble community who want to know more about the PeggyNash campaign or want to share articles or items of interest to other supporters. As much as possible her Meet-ups for supporters and Greet the candidate events will be posted here beginning with two events Nov. 1 in Victoria. Watch for info on a Greet Peggy event at The Railway Club in Vancouver Thursday evening. 


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Questions for Peggy Nash

This thread is for questions specific to Peggy Nash's leadership campaign and all that the success of which would entail.  Over the next few weeks and months, we will invite each NDP leadership candidate to answer your questions in a moderated discussion.

Please confine your contributions to the leadership candidate threads to questions directed at the individual candidate named in the thread title.  Discussions and comments can be posted in any of the several other federal NDP threads.

Oct 25, 2011

The NDP leadership race needs Peggy Nash

In May, Jack Layton looked at his 102-member caucus and asked Nash to take on the important role of Finance critic for the Loyal Opposition. She would bring more focus on economic issues to the race.


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