Sep 7, 2011
Detail from Nathan Phillips Square, August 27, 2011 Photo: K. Elliott

What's next for the NDP?

Libby Davies
Vancouver East MP Libby Davies reflects on the challenges ahead of the NDP without Jack Layton.
Sep 6, 2011

Crossing paths with Jack Layton

Gary Shaul
Jack was a staunch ally of many causes over the years. This post is about Jack's role in some of the (non-electoral) campaigns that I've worked on.
Sep 5, 2011

Promises, not only condolences for Jack

Ted Sprague
Canadians from coast to coast have not stopped at sending condolences to Jack's family. They have been making promises to continue his legacy as they envision it, a legacy of hope and optimism.
Sep 2, 2011

Layton's state funeral could backfire on Harper

Frances Russell
Was the flow of emotions at Jack Layton's death fleeting? Something more profound? If the former, political normalcy will return soon. If the latter, the state funeral could be Harper's Big Mistake.


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