Jul 29, 2011

The NDP did not end this week

Gerry Caplan
I have some insider advice for the enemies of progressive politics. Be very afraid: The NDP threat did not end this week.
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NDP calls for probe into sports violence

Great. A strategic misstep on an unneccessary issue.  A word to the wise. Stay away from hockey. Its the one thing the great unwashed pay attention to with any frequency. The only smart way to get involved in the great and beloved Canadian distraction is to

a) drop a puck to open a game


b) be an ex player turned politican. 

The NDP should try to make this one go away fast.  These people will go to war over this trife.




Jan 12, 2010

Hunger Relay, Week 55, Day 2

Libby Davies
Today -- day two of my hunger strike relay -- we spent the first half hour outside the Carnegie Center, trying to avoid the cold and rain, wrestling to put up a small tent cover.
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Remembering the Waffle

This is really interesting.


The Waffle was a youthful, radical, left nationalist and socialist formation within the New Democratic Party.  Formed in the heady days of 1969, the Waffle Manifesto was incredibly radical when read with today's eyes. 

Our aim as democratic socialists is to build an independent socialist Canada. Our aim as supporters of the New Democratic Party is to make it a truly socialist party.

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Accord vs. Coalition

Some opposed to the Coalition have suggested that an accord is a better idea, where the NDP would agree to support a Liberal government for a certain time period under certain conditions and if the Libs renegged on these conditions, the NDP would withdraw its support.  This way it is argued you won't have the NDP joining a Liberal government in exchange for a few Cabinet posts and being silent on key issues like Afghanistan.


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