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CIA scandal reveals secret policy of torture and rendition in U.S.

Image: Lance Page / t r u t h o u t; Adapted: public domain / Wikimedia

"What keeps me up at night, candidly, is another attack against the United States," Sen. Dianne Feinstein said last month in what was, then, her routine defence of the mass global surveillance being conducted by the National Security Agency and other U.S. intelligence agencies. All that has changed now that she believes that the staff of the committee she chairs, the powerful, secretive Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, was spied on and lied to by the CIA. The committee was formed after the Watergate scandal engulfed the Nixon administration. The Church Committee, led by Idaho Democratic Sen. Frank Church, conducted a comprehensive investigation of abuses by U.S. intelligence agencies, of everything from spying on anti-war protesters to the assassination of foreign leaders.

'Operation Peter Pan' tells heartbreaking story of Cuban children's deportation to U.S.

| October 18, 2013

Why Edward Snowden's revelations are so significant

July 16, 2013
| In an interview recorded June 15, Professor Christopher Simpson details exactly what Edward Snowden revealed and why the U.S. government is so anxious to silence him.
Length: 14:01 minutes (12.84 MB)
Gerry Caplan

Hugo Chavez and the history of hostile interventions against left-wing governments

| March 18, 2013

Filibustering John Brennan's CIA nomination brings attention to U.S. drone killings

Photo: CSIS: Center for Strategic & International Studies/Flickr

You could say that a filibuster occurs when a senator drones on and on. The problem with the U.S. Senate was that there were too few senators speaking about drones this week.

David J. Climenhaga

Undemocratic impulses? Who ya gonna call? Not Jimmy Carter!

| October 30, 2012

The USA Manufactured the Arab Spring II

Linked from the original thread here, which was closed for unknown reasons.

The point was raised that it is seemingly illogical for the CIA or their ilk to instigate popular revolution, reason being that its course would be difficult to control. I challenge that notion. To use a narrative from my own story, I draw a parallel to the "People Power" or EDSA Revolutions of 1986 in the Philippines that ousted dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

Lamumba & Hammarskjold to Gen. Zia & Jack Layton

¿Cuáles son las probabilidades?

A number of left wing politicians as well as friendly dictators have met with bad luck over the years. Some have "passed on" under mysterious circumstances and-or had their political aspirations dashed by unfortunate incidents. For some there was no real rhyme or reason to their untimely deaths as they were viewed to be fully cooperating with their good friends and associates here in the west at the time. But then again as Noam Chomsky has said about it, the world is run like the mafia. And that bunch often whacked one another for reasons that were not apparent to most people. The mafia and Murder Incorporated were a treacherous and conniving bunch, too.

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