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Photo: McBeth/flickr
| February 26, 2015
| January 29, 2015

Imaginary surplus, no problem: Harper dreams aloud

Photo: flickr/Jeremy Schultz
Is promising Canadians a budget surplus without making new tax measures or additional spending cuts really possible? (No.)

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Photo: flickr/Jeremy Schultz
| January 27, 2015
| January 23, 2015
January 12, 2015 |
Taxes are not just about revenue; they are also about the fair distribution of economic benefits and about how much inequality we are willing to tolerate.
December 22, 2014 |
Smart tax policy is one of the most direct ways of closing the ever-widening wealth and income gap in Canada.
August 18, 2014 |
Everyone has his or her own idea of how to be bold when it comes to taxes. Here’s ours: make broad, innovative changes to increase taxes and make them more progressive.
Photo: Plonq/flickr
| June 4, 2014
April 25, 2014 |
It looks like $35 million and 192 inspectors are on the chopping block according to documents posted by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and major media reports.
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