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The problem with foreign aid: A memoir

During the recent G8-G20 summit meetings, Prime Minister Stephen Harper hoped to elevate his status as a world leader by making Maternal Health the centrepiece of Canada's aid. Instead, his plan crashed when world leaders recognized it for what it really was, an ideologically driven scheme, offered with the condition that Family Planning was not to be included.

Having spent eight years of the 1980s as an "aid worker" in Indonesia, I learned a lot about conditional aid and the missionary zeal of so-called benefactors, the governments and agencies, such as the World Bank, that can corrupt donor and recipient alike.


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| June 2, 2014

Ethiopian subsistence farmers subject to forced relocation

October 21, 2013
| Ethiopia boasts one of the strongest economies in Africa. But this comes at a heavy price for the country's farmers.
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| October 21, 2013

Terrorism and war in Africa: Canada's hands are not clean in this cycle of violence

There are no shades of grey, no nuance or even cause and effect in the simplistic world view proclaimed by the current Canadian government.

The Conservatives response to the horrific attack in Nairobi's Westgate Mall has been to thump their chests and proclaim their anti-terror bona fides.

"The fight against international terrorism is the great struggle of our generation, and we need to continue with the resolve to fight this," bellowed Foreign Minister John Baird. For his part, Stephen Harper boasted that "our government is the government that listed al-Shabab as a terrorist entity."


Dropping CIDA reveals truth about Canadian 'aid'

On March 21, the Conservative government announced an effective merger of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade as part of the proposed 2013 Federal Budget. Let us remember this day as the day the Conservative government set "aid" free!


| November 29, 2012
| November 10, 2012

Book: Paved with Good Intentions

September 24, 2012
| A new book challenges the idea that non-governmental organizations working in the Global South help people to achieve meaningful and just development.
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