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Dec 13, 2012
Planned construction costs for new prisons (nominal value) for the federal gover

Perspectives on crime bill C-10 in Quebec

Guillaume Hebert
At the beginning of 2012, omnibus Bill C-10 was voted into law by the Canadian Parliament. The Safe Streets and Communities Act has been denounced across Canada and notably in Quebec.
Mar 20, 2012

The omnibus crime bill: What is to be done?

Christopher Majka
On March 12, despite months of protest across the country, the federal government's omnibus crime bill cleared its final parliamentary hurdle when the Conservatives voted to pass the legislation.
Mar 6, 2012

Lack of science and consultation on Bill C-10

Sonya Nigam
Quebec's objection to Bill C-10 is based on a lack of science to support the bill's changes to the youth justice system and on social and cultural values about how young offenders should be treated.

Criminalization of Indigenous Peoples and Harper's New Crime Bill

Nov 24, 2011
University of Toronto Schools
371 Bloor Street
Toronto , ON
43° 39' 58.9572" N, 79° 24' 10.4976" W
Ontario CA
In partnership with Indigenous Sovereignty Week this event features speakers building attention and awareness and disseminating ideas around indigenism and building a cross-Canada movement.
Nov 7, 2011

Militarism grows while world gets safer

Gerry Caplan
Forget Prof. Stephen Pinker's more secure world. Forget the rational route -- drastically slashing the American armed forces. The military industrial complex -- nothing gets in its way.
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