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Despite Leading in Quebec At Issue Panel Say NDP Is In Trouble

See video below

But the At Issue Panel dissected the by-election and say for sure, 100% stratgeic voting will happen in this election to get the Conservatives out. And that it will benefit the Liberals (even in Quebec) because the NDP vote has collapsed.

They say that the Conservatives have polarized the country so much, that there will be an Anybody but Harper mindset.Which is why the NDP vote has collapsed.

Stratgeic voting will come into play. Wanting that party out, Quebecers will be looking at the party best to oust the Conservatives out of power.

Which they say would benefit the Liberals the most, as they are leading in the rest of Canada.

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NDP MPs who made harassment allegations won’t file complaints "want to go on with their lives"

Two female NDP MPs who allege improper conduct by a duo of male Liberal MPs will not be formally laying a complaint to launch an investigation, says a senior New Democrat.

Nycole Turmel says “They were clear they did not want to put a complaint in. They were meeting with her (Liberal Whip Judy Foote) to give her the situation and that’s it. They said, ‘It’s up to you. We are not putting a complaint in.’”

She said the women needed time to “find a way to heal” from the alleged misconduct.

“That’s what they are facing now. And that’s why they don’t want this to go on. They just want to go on with their lives.”

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Why Remembrance Day matters

This is why this day matters.


Today, Lisa Laflammed closed her CTV remarks with expressing her belief today was a day to "express our gratitude to Canada's Vets". She is completely and totally, painfully, absolutely, painfully, wrong.


Childcare2020 conference: From vision to action

Nov 13, 2014 to Nov 15, 2014
Fort Garry Hotel
222 Broadway
Winnipeg , MB
49° 54' 21.1176" N, 97° 10' 14.0124" W
Manitoba CA
ChildCare 2020 is the first national child-care policy conference in a decade and the fourth such conference in Canada's history.
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Dean Del Mastro found guilty (may lose seat)

Dean Del Mastro found guilty in election spending case

Former parliamentary secretary to Stephen Harper could lose seat

Oct 31, 2014

A judge has found Peterborough, Ont., MP Dean Del Mastro guilty of spending too much in the 2008 federal election and falsifying a document to cover it up.

Del Mastro now faces the prospect of losing his seat in the House of Commons and possibly being sentenced to up to a year in jail and a $2,000 fine.

. . .

In her decision, Judge Lisa Cameron said that in her view, from the timing of the contract and its language, it "is plainly a contract for election services."

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Mulcair and Trudeau on Ottawa shootings and Conservative Terrorism Legislation

Will Mulcair's stance on the Ottawa shooting (that it was not a terrorist attack) and his apparent lack of suuport for any new anti-terrorism legislation persuade people for whom civil liberties are important to support the NDP instead of the Liberals, given that Trudeau called the shooting a terroist attack and seems to support bringing in new legislation to expand the powers of police and intelligence agencies?

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Would a PC party led by Doug Ford reduce the NDP to non-party status in 2018?

If Doug Ford enters the PC leadership he would win.

He retains huge support in North York, Scarborough and Etobicoke.

A fake poll commissioned by Mississauga mayoral candidate Steve Mahoney showed Doug Ford had support in the 30s in the 905 area.

Plus huge support in rural, Northern and Southern Ontario.

The kicker, the Fords retain 25% support from committed NDP voters. Quarter of NDP committed voters supported the Fords over Olivia Chow.

So with all that NDP support with the traditional PC support, does this bode badly for the NDP in 2018?

Andrea Horwath ran on a lite-Ford agenda. But voters rejected that.

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ONDP convention - what is in store?

I thought I would attempt to kick off this topic, since the ONDP convention is only "days" away. Will there be serious challenges to the status quo and the leadership of the party? Will there be meaningfull changes in the way the party conducts itself? And finally, what will be come of the over 300 resolutions proposed by riding associations, regional councils and labour affiliates?

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Need Help Creating a Pamphlet


I'd like to start distributing single-page zines/pamphlets/etc. that give a concise and comprehensive list of reasons why – statistically, economicaly, legally, ethically, and so on – people should not vote for Harper in the coming elections. The main difficulty with this is trying to create a document that will actually resonate with the people it's targeted towards, rather than preaching to the choir.


Women's Forum des femmes 2014

Oct 30, 2014
National Library and Archives
395 Wellington St, Ottawa
Ottawa , ON
45° 25' 11.46" N, 75° 42' 29.0736" W
Ontario CA
This year marks the third annual Women's Forum des femmes. The theme is about fighting for a feminist vision of our lives, our communities and our world.
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Merger of parties, electoral reform, and why labour sometimes supports Liberals

What some labour leaders want to see happen is a merger of the Liberals and NDP. If a formal merger is not in the cards they would rather see the NDP destroyed to the point that it no longer attracts the people it does now.

They are frustrated in having the NDP on their side but without power. They feel that without the NDP the Liberals would effectively be dominated by the progressive forces now in the NDP but in a party able to win consistently. Their problem with the NDP is that if you don't win you are no use no matter how great you sound. Labour is not a loyal soldier they need real policies -- now -- to support their members.


Turnout Toronto: A City of Mayors

Oct 22, 2014
CSI Annex
720 Bathurst Street
Toronto , ON
43° 39' 47.3796" N, 79° 24' 38.9808" W
Ontario CA
For our 5th and final Turnout Toronto before Toronto hits the polls, we thought we'd go back to where it all started and host our biggest one yet at CSI Annex.
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MB Director for right-wing fundamentalist Christian organization acclaimed as PC canadiate in Radisson

James Teitsma was accliamed as the PC candidate for the provincial riding of Radisson. He is the Manitoba board member for a strange right-wing Christian group who's explicit purpose it to "bring a biblical perspective to our civil authorities."


The group is against lots of the stuff you would expect - same sex marriage, secular education, abortion and birth control - but also has lots to say about "Aboriginals" and even argues workers' compensation goes against God's word! :http://arpacanada.ca/issuesresearch/laboureconomics/1750-socialized-work...

I sure hope he doesn't win.

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Ontario mayoral races

As fascinating as the Toronto mayoral race is, I wonder if babblers outside of the Big Smoke would like to discuss the municipal election in their neck of the woods.



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