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#CityTalk: Montreal's street food movement

July 13, 2012
| This week’s #CityTalk looks at calls for more diverse street food vendors in Montreal.
Length: 27:33
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#CityTalk: Urban farmers + Rooftop gardens = Food security in Montreal

July 6, 2012
| This week's #CityTalk segment focuses on urban farming, rooftop gardens and food security in Montreal with Tim Murphy from Santropol Roulant.
Length: 23:55
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#CityTalk: Cultivating Montreal

June 29, 2012
| This week's #CityTalk segment hears from the GTAU-Groupe Travail Agriculture Urbaine about urban agriculture in Montreal.
Length: 17:23
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#CityDoc: A Tale of two cycling visionaries

June 22, 2012
| Bicycle Bob Silverman and Angela Bischoff share their thoughts and feelings about two of Canada's most celebrated cycling visionaries, Montreal's Claire Morissette and Toronto's Tooker Gomberg.
Length: 17:07 minutes (23.64 MB)
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CKUT 90.3 FM Friday Morning After: Roundtable on Canadian documentary

June 18, 2012
| Friday Morning After host Adam Bemma discusses crowdfunding documentary films with Sarah Spring and Selin Murat from Parabola Films in Montreal.
Length: 24:42
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CKUT 90.3 FM Friday Morning After: Infringement Festival

June 18, 2012
| Friday Morning After host Adam Bemma speaks to Donovan King about this year's Montreal Infringement Festival.
Length: 23:38
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#CityTalk: Bike month coverage

June 15, 2012
| This week's #CityTalk extends its bike week coverage to make June bike month at CKUT's Friday Morning After.
Length: 28:15
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#CityTalk: Talking transit

June 8, 2012
| This week's #CityTalk focuses on public transit with American transit guru Gabe Klein and an interview with Montreal writer and public transit enthusiast Taras Grescoe, author of "Straphanger."
Length: 33:55
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#CityTalk: Urban Occupations

June 1, 2012
| Montreal artists Shauna Janssen and Kathleen Vaughan discuss their interpretive walk of vanished neighbourhood: Goose Village.
Length: 31:23
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A conversation with the Conversationalist

May 25, 2012
| A conversation with globe-trotting conversationalist, Daniel Baylis, about his year-long travel experience.
Length: 22:10
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