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It's time to hold Harper to account

About this dismal business of federal politics. The way I figure it, we're waiting for the Harper government to finally shoot itself in the head after shooting itself in the foot roughly every three months. We're also waiting for the Opposition Liberal party, which is already dead on the floor, to show signs of life.


Harper's Fox News luncheon

My guess is it's pretty easy to arrange lunch with the Prime Minister. No doubt Stephen Harper often lunches with labour leaders and advocates for the homeless.

So it should be considered no big deal that, among those the PM has lunched with, is U.S. media billionaire Rupert Murdoch, who has probably done more than any single individual in recent years to push American politics sharply to the right.

It's interesting to imagine, however, why our Prime Minister would want to meet with Murdoch, whose Fox News TV channel has poisoned U.S. political debate and nurtured America's extremist right-wing Tea Party movement.


Europe looks ahead

British Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown has come out in favour of a global financial transactions tax. Speaking Saturday in Edinburgh (his home base) to a G20 Finance Ministers meeting on the subject of bank bailouts Brown said "it cannot be acceptable that the benefits of success in this sector are reaped by the few but the costs of its failure are borne by all of us."


How the right-wing wins

| February 4, 2014

Seen from the hinterlands: Left could grasp defeat from jaws of victory in Ford debacle

Photo: Eric Parker/flickr

The Rob Ford debacle may be humiliating for most Canadians and Torontonians, but it also shows clearly how the Right manages to triumph frequently in the face of reason. Meanwhile, the Left is showing off its talent in grasping defeat from the jaws of victory.

It's incredible to most that a mayor who has done and said things that would make Homer Simpson blush has managed to maintain such amazing loyalty. Polling tells us his approval rating in "Ford Nation" is almost as strong as ever. It's not just the sympathy vote.


Peter Worthington and the blurry divisions between left and right

Photo: Matt MacGillivray/flickr

I'll miss Peter Worthington, Canada's archetypal right-wing journalist, who died this week at 86. I say that without irony or subtext. I'll just miss him. When we did public events together we were always positioned as left vs. right. But I couldn't conceal my delight at seeing him. CBC's Michael Enright, who hosted one panel, said: "Would you two stop acting like long-lost brothers?"

Stop 'Fox News North'

| February 26, 2013

Three cheers for the Fraser Institute and their helpful reports

| September 26, 2012

Anti-choice failures are no reason to give them an inch

Pro-choice presence at 2011 March for "Life". Photo: Jenn Farr/Flickr

This month, Canada's Parliament will vote on whether to re-open the thorny issue that has bedeviled philosophers and theologians for over two millennia: Are women human beings?

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