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Harper's F-35 fiasco not going away anytime soon

H2O, Not F-35s
The Council of Canadians calls for the Harper government to spend money on clean water, not on fighter jets. The F-35 fiasco is part of a growing crisis of legitimacy for Harper.

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Criminalizing refugees: The case against Bill C-31

2010 Pilgrimage to Freedom march, organized by Justicia for Migrant Workers. (Photo: http://3907.cupe.ca)

Introduced under another signature defensive title, the Conservatives' Bill C-31: "Protecting Canada’s Immigration System Act", combines exclusionary refugee measures from Bill C-4 (“Protecting Human Smugglers from Abusing Canada’s Immigration System”) and Bill C-11 (“Balanced Refugee Reform Act”). Both C-4 and -11 were previously proposed but rejected by opposition while the Conservatives were a minority in Parliament.


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