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Corporate rotten eggs

What do a half-billion eggs have to do with democracy? The massive recall of salmonella-infected eggs, the largest egg recall in U.S. history, opens a window on the power of large corporations over not only our health, but over our government.

While scores of brands have been recalled, they all can be traced back to just two egg farms. Our food supply is increasingly in the hands of larger and larger companies, which wield enormous power in our political process. As with the food industry, so, too, is it with oil and with banks: Giant corporations, some with budgets larger than most nations, are controlling our health, our environment, our economy and increasingly, our elections.

| November 26, 2014

How the thirst for oil corrupts democracies and the climate: The strange case of Rick Bourke

Rick Bourke. Photo: Truthdig

Oil is the source of so much pain in the world. Around the globe, wherever oil is extracted, people suffer a constellation of injuries, from coups and dictatorship to pollution, displacement and death. Pipelines leak, refineries explode, tankers break up and deep-sea drill rigs explode. The thirst for oil disrupts democracies and the climate. Not far from the burgeoning fracking fields of Colorado, Frederic "Rick" Bourke sits in a minimum-security federal prison. His crime: blowing the whistle on corruption and bribery in the oil-rich region of the Caspian Sea.

July 16, 2012 |
From 2004-2010, there were 7,045 workplace deaths in Canada, but not a single corporate executive or director has been jailed.
June 27, 2012 |
There have to be real consequences, for employers who are negligent, or they will continue to be so.
| June 21, 2012
Migrant Matters

Mapuche communities deserve liberation of their land and people

December 12, 2011
| I sat down with Jaroslava, who is with the Women's Coordinating Committee For a Free Wallmapu, to talk about the struggles against the termination of the Mapuche culture and people at home and abroad.
Length: 34:42

BP should be shut down

July 26, 2010
| BP's operation of the Deepwater Horizon was both negligent and reckless according to Russell Mokhiber of Corporate Crime Reporter.
Length: 15:38

Bhopal convictions: Too little, too late

June 28, 2010
| This month, twenty five years after a chemical disaster which killed tens of thousands, an Indian court sentenced seven former Union Carbide employees with two years in prison and small fines.
Length: 13:46

Following the money: The Fraser Institute’s tobacco papers

When the Fraser Institute celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2004, media coverage was ebullient. The Province was typical when it proclaimed in an editorial “we're all 'right wing' now” and ended by congratulating the institute for “daring to dissent. May it do so for another 30 years.”

This piece was reprinted in the Ottawa Citizen and the Windsor Star. National Post columnist Lorne Gunter reported that “the Fraser Institute is so highly regarded that not only was the room chock block [sic] full of prominent provincial and national conservative politicians, organizers, consultants, academics and volunteers, it was also full of financiers of conservative parties and causes.”


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