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Defending the Land Dispatch - 2012-11-30

December 10, 2012
| Resisting Condos and Pipelines in bc and ontario dominates this episode, including pacific trails, line 9, the victory at Marpole Midden, and the model for Tutela Heights, and more!
Length: 34:48 minutes (31.87 MB)
Ethan Cox

It smells a lot like victory in B.C.: 'Defend Our Coast' action in Victoria

| October 22, 2012
David P. Ball

Our voices are marginalized: Indigenous women speak out against the tar sands

| September 21, 2012
David P. Ball

Puppet rap video renews mockery of right-wing blowhard Ezra Levant

| September 17, 2012

Resisting extraction, asserting sovereignty

July 13, 2012
| Resisting the extractive industries worldwide, while asserting sovereignty, Indigenous populations are a model for resistance.
Length: 58:32
March 7, 2012 |
Policy-wise, we desperately need a conversation about the pace and scale of the tarsands industry, not just on environmental grounds, but on economic grounds as well.
Bernadette Wagner

Canada's spying bill and my SOS to the world

| February 15, 2012
Bernadette Wagner

Another update on the Northern Gateway pipeline

| February 11, 2012
Bernadette Wagner

Pipelines: Which side are you on?

| February 9, 2012
Bernadette Wagner

Monday night movies: Pipeline edition

| February 6, 2012
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