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| October 1, 2013

Smash the State Report: July 5, 2013

July 11, 2013
| We highlight the inspiring resistance by womyn to the tar sands, KXL, and Line9, then update on the anti-fracking actions in NB, talk about sci-fi Debt and more!
Length: 49:58 minutes (45.76 MB)
The Assembly Building of the Northwest Territories © 2011 George Lessard
| May 13, 2013

Smash the State Report: Feb. 1, 2013

February 8, 2013
| Anti-tar sands day of action targeting pipelines and two row marches in Ontario lead into updates from NOII, duets from Howl, G20 jail, and nuclear Greenland, and more!
Length: 1:07:58 minutes (62.24 MB)

Defending the Land Dispatch - 2012-11-30

December 10, 2012
| Resisting Condos and Pipelines in bc and ontario dominates this episode, including pacific trails, line 9, the victory at Marpole Midden, and the model for Tutela Heights, and more!
Length: 34:48 minutes (31.87 MB)
| October 22, 2012
Eriel Deranger (photo by Kelsey Chapman)
| September 21, 2012
Kai Nagata
| September 17, 2012

Resisting extraction, asserting sovereignty

July 13, 2012
| Resisting the extractive industries worldwide, while asserting sovereignty, Indigenous populations are a model for resistance.
Length: 58:32
March 7, 2012 |
Policy-wise, we desperately need a conversation about the pace and scale of the tarsands industry, not just on environmental grounds, but on economic grounds as well.
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