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Canada 'reconsidering' UNESCO funding after Palestine's admission

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Montreal, Nov. 1, 2011 - On Oct. 31, the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) granted full membership to Palestine, despite the certainty that the U.S. would cut its funding -- 22 per cent of the agency's budget. The UNESCO membership bid, which required approval by two-thirds of the agency's general conference, passed by a vote of 107 to 14, with 52 abstentions. The U.S., Canada, Israel, Sweden, the Netherlands and Germany were among those who voted against, while China, Russia, Brazil, South Africa and India voted in favour. Huge cheers erupted in the UNESCO meeting hall when the Palestinian membership passed.


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| December 4, 2014
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| December 2, 2014
John Baird
| October 8, 2014

Jim Manly on Gaza, Canadian politics and the 'right to protect'

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The Conservatives have become more and more unbalanced in their support for extremist Israeli actions, and opposition parties, fearing a Zionist reaction, have also been thrown off balance.

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'The Right to Protect' and the loss of Parliament's moral compass

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John Baird, Canada's Minister of External Affairs, allows for no nuance in his declaration of unconditional support for Israel in the current tragedy where more than 639 Palestinians, nearly 80 per cent of them civilians, have been killed by Israeli bombs. "We believe Israel has the right to defend itself by itself."


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| July 2, 2014

Canada's coup-supporting corporate cowboy diplomacy

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When U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry bloviated last fall about officially ending the Monroe Doctrine (the U.S. belief that God grants only Americans the right to interfere with the internal affairs of other western hemisphere countries), one wonders if Stephen Harper and his foreign affairs pitbull John Baird immediately took the concept on for themselves. Perhaps they also adopted a bit of manifest destiny thrown in for good measure. How else -- other than through the lens of someone who truly feels anointed by the heavens -- can one begin to understand Harper's messianic foreign policy, one in which he and John Baird play tag-team John Waynes making the world safe for Canadian corporate profits?

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| March 14, 2014
Rioters in Kiev - Wikipedia Photo
| February 24, 2014
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