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2013 leaves behind some major issues to conquer in 2014

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Oh, 2013, you were quite a year! We saw scandal after scandal for the Conservative government, Indigenous communities and supporters fight for justice, the sad passing of legendary activists, historic rulings and not to mention a few others things.

As we say goodbye to 2013, we'd like to look back on some of our great articles as well as some of the issues we think will rise to the forefront in 2014.


Corruption in Canadian politics

There isn't much to say about this one -- kidding! There's a lot.


10 podcasts that you want to hear this holiday

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This year the rabble podcast network talked to world-changers across Canada and the globe. From activists remembering Nelson Mandela to taking an audio journey through Vancouver’s Chinatown nightmarket, to marking the 10th anniversary of the Insite safe injection site our podcasters were on the scene, talking to the folks making the news and making change.

For your holiday listening pleasure, here are a few podcasts for you to catch up on over the break. There are plenty more where that came from, these are just a few:


The five top activist tools of 2013

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This year has seen many movements break into mainstream consciousness, take on new digital forums and grow in an ever more volatile political landscape. Now more than ever, using media and social networks is vital to activist organizing. Grassroot struggles have defined 2013. Here are the top tools activists have used to bring their message to the masses.

1. Twitter


2013's best in rabble columns

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It was an eventful year in rabble columns, with insights and analysis from some of the leading progressive voices in Canada. In 2013 our columnists spoke out about a range issues affecting Canadians, including Indigenous rights, austerity, abortion rights, climate change, Islamophobia, politics and much, much more. Here, we look back at the year in columns and highlight some of the top picks each month. For a complete selection of our columns year-round, check out our columns section!



Happy Holidays! Check out our favourites from 2013

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This year, has kept track of progressive politics an activism across North America. From Idle No More protests around the world and actions around municipal politics to demonstrations against the pipeline proposals criss-crossing Canada, we’ve done our best to represent that myriad voices and viewpoints that make up Canada’s progressive movements for social justice. 


The top five labour stories in 2013

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1. Anti-union Bill C-377 stalls in the Senate

Labour critics have long worried that the Harper government would do anything to severely limit the power of unions and, for a short while, it looked the Conservatives were going to get their chance.

Bill C-377 would have increased scrutiny of unions financial information by the Canadian Revenue Agency, requiring them to submit detailed statements for expenditures over $5,000 -- a much lower amount than is currently required.


Parliament, let's look back on the year asked Parliamentary correspondent Karl Nerenberg to come up with ten articles he thought summed up his parliamentary coverage in 2013. Always the over-achiever, he sent us 11. If you're in the mood for a recap of parliamentary coverage, check out these articles. You can follow Karl's blog, and if you're in the mood you can even donate to keep Karl on Parl. 

Here are his picks for 2013:

Crown-First Nations meeting: Will it result in recognition of First Nations' rights to the lands and resources? 


Best of rabble podcasting in 2012

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2012 has been a great year for podcasts on rabble! This roundup includes some great audio and interviews looking at topics from First Nations rights, activism against Enbridge, Naomi Wolf's Vagina, and more!

Here are some of our best from 2012.

1. This episode of Aw@l features a discussion with radical historian Luke Stewart about the Rally, Walk, and Community BBQ which took place back in April in Grand River Territory of the Six Nations and looks at respecting historical friendships and honouring treaties:


2012: A year of austerity and strife for workers

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As 2012 comes to close, here's a recap of the major events and trends impacting workers in Canada over the past year.

Austerity hits workers in Canada and abroad

The Canadian government stayed firmly seated aboard the global spending-cutting bandwagon this year, despite suggestions from sources as austerity-loving as the IMF that cuts to state spending do more to slow economic growth than to boost it.


Ten activist success stories from 2012, and some tools to recreate them

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A Harper majority. Stifling anti-union legislation. Provincial unrest and austerity across the country. At a glance, it seems like activists don't have a lot to celebrate this holiday season. However, in these trying times, organizers, Indigenous people, workers, youth and ordinary citizens have come together for the common good.

Inspiring actions have touched communities and emboldened movements with historic victories. Here are our top 10 activist successes in 2012 -- and the tools they used to get there.


1. Creative labour actions


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