Feb 20, 2012

The myth of American resilience

James Laxer
The truth about America is that it is anything but flexible and resilient and faces a range of obstacles that portend decline rather than a creative re-birth that will re-establish its supremacy.
May 19, 2011

How we got here

What follows is a list of a few things that happened over the past 110 years, in more or less chronological order, that have had a major impact on shaping our world.
Jan 5, 2010

The idiot empire

Murray Dobbin
What happens when an empire is run by people who have a visceral contempt for government and all it stands for? You have an empire that will ultimately fail.
Sep 10, 2009

The "health" of the American Empire

James Laxer
As Barack Obama struggles against the forces of reaction and corporate greed to reform the American health care system, he is not merely seeking improved health care for millions of Americans.
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