Enbridge pipeline

Jun 21, 2013

Action against Enbridge Line 9 near Hamilton

Mark Calzavara
Communities from Sarnia to Montreal are raising serious concerns about the potential environmental hazards of reversing Enbridge's 37-year-old Line 9 pipeline.
Jan 10, 2013

Enbridge panel to be greeted with loud demonstration

Maryam Adrangi
When the Enbridge pipeline joint Environmental Assessment and Energy Board hearings open in Vancouver on January 14 they will be greeted by community members determined to make their opposition heard.
Dec 23, 2012
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A\J Issue 38.6: Education

Alternatives Podcast
How can messages of environmental justice be properly communicated? Why should southern Ontario residents be worried about current pipeline proposals? Find out on this episode of the A\J podcast.
Mar 22, 2012

CCPA report: Enbridge pipe dreams and nightmares

Marc Lee
CCPA released a report by yours truly on the economic costs and benefits of the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline. In particular, I take aim at the outrageous claims about jobs.
Feb 2, 2012

Arts funding, greenwashing and the Enbridge pipeline

Stefan Christoff
In building a broader context for the Northern Gateway battle, stepping beyond recent headlines is important. In that vein, what are the relations between Enbridge and funding for the arts?
Jan 27, 2012

Odious profits and the Enbridge pipeline

Marc Lee
Two obvious but generally unstated details about the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline are climate change and that oil and gas companies stand to make mega-profits.


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